The Attic

Ever since the Goonies discovered the secret pirate map among the junk in their attic, I've been fascinated with those spaces that collect forgotten treasures. Attics hold discarded items of value, pushed out of sight to make way for things we deem more important. We save those items in the attic most of the time because we value the items as memories, and if we forget to visit our attics, we can fail to remember what we value.

But attics are also upper rooms in our homes, which remind me of the upper room where Jesus met with his followers...

The Attic will be a small fellowship in an upper room where we gather to remember the forgotten treasures of our faith pushed out of sight by the urgent demands of The Now. And up in The Attic we hope as well to make new discoveries, perhaps finding lost treasure maps that lead to deeper riches in Christ.

Content The Attic will offer:

I hope for The Attic to be an evolving space where people can attend sessions that interest them and through conversations help set the direction of future gatherings in The Attic. This fall semester of 2014 The Attic will will be offering two separate afternoon sessions. One session will be a basic Ministry Principles session covering the following 4 areas: Paradigm of Kingdom Ministry, How To Communicate the Word for Understanding, Praying Scripture for Your People, and Building Healthy Community. The other session will be a book study on Eugene Peterson's pastoral memoir The Pastor.

In the future, The Attic could include writing workshops, question and answer sessions, discipleship instruction, etc. Your input can help develop the future. (Check out the Survey at the bottom of the page)

Details for Fall 2014:


an Upper Room in Shelby, NC (directions to be given after sign-up)


The two sessions offered this fall semester will both be 4 hour sessions offered from 1-5 pm.

Ministry Principles will be on Thursday November 20th.

The Pastor book discussion will be on Thursday December 4th.

What is provided?

A hospitable space, practical instruction/discussion applicable to any church environment, coffee, tea, water, and snacks. (*You'll be responsible to purchase and read The Pastor if you sign up for that session.)

Who is it for?

The sessions are open to all ages, genders, and denominations. The two sessions this fall are geared for people currently serving in ministry or feeling a call to vocational ministry.

How much?

Each session costs $100 to attend. If you sign up for both, it's $150.

How did you come up with that number?

I bought a Wisdom Value calculator at LifeWay Bookstores, entered some data and it said my teaching prorates out at $25 per hour. Okay, okay, I considered how much a standard conference costs, how much applicable content you're actually getting at those conferences, and weighed it against how much folks usually pay to bring a speaker like me into your community for an event. After considering all that, I came up with a price around $25,000 for the value of four hours of concentrated time with me. I knocked off $24,900 because I'm incredibly holy and everybody loves a deal and you're left with the paltry sum of $100. I can accept payment via PayPal, written check, or the Venmo app.

How do I sign up?

Just fill out the form below and hit submit. I'll follow up with more details after that. Questions? Just email me at

Fill out the survey at the bottom if you want input into future sessions of The Attic.

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"Matt Orth is an incredibly gifted teacher and the very best real life example of a biblical mentor and disciple maker I have ever encountered." Wayne Patterson, Pastor, Gainesville, FL

"Matt brings 20 years of ministry experience to the table and has a refreshing perspective on life and ministry that is challenging as well as encouraging." Chris Barrett, Pastor, Greensboro, NC

Secret Treasure Map found in Attic

Secret Treasure Map found in Attic

"And just when we think we've got the whole map figured out and there's no new land on the edges...He goes and changes the terrain and unrolls a bit of the edges of the map, things unseen and unexpected."

From Questions of a Curious Nature, chapter 21