Early Reviews: Questions of a Curious Nature

Hey everyone! We are blessed and excited around Orth Lodge! Folks keep sending in their early reviews of the book, and the responses are something! Check them out:

“I’m just glad Matthew finally completed a creative project. When he was growing up, our house was a graveyard of half-finished macaroni trees, 12 syllable haikus, and bird houses with no holes.” Matt’s Mom

“Matt calls himself a pastor and a writer. I call him unemployed.” Matt’s Dad

“KITTY! KITTY! KITTY! MEEEOOWW!” Matt’s toddler daughter

“Matt O. reminds me of a modern-day magician shepherd. In fact, other than myself, he’s by far my favorite wizard.” Gandalf

“I resent that.” Dumbledore

“How do you think I feel?” Harry Potter

“I hate you all.” Merlin

“I killed a Philistine rugby team with this book. By paper cuts.” Samson

“Every table in our store used to wobble until we wedged all those free, perfectly-sized books from Matt Orth under them.” Starbucks Manager, Gaffney, SC

“Finally! A heroine with intelligence and wit! A woman whose passion is for God and not a romance with the local Amish farmer or Puritan sheriff! Look out Redeeming Love! Questions of a Curious Nature is gunning for you!” Women Everywhere

“It’s weird and we don’t get it.” State of Alabama

“I was promised a steady boyfriend and a pack of Twinkies if I said something about so-and-so’s book.” Taylor Swifft

“I beleeb this is the best book ever.” Justin Beeber

“No pictures. Pastor sad.” Marc Driscoll

“We’re still voting on whether or not we’re offended. If I was a betting man, which I am clearly not, I would go all-in on us being royally offended.” Southern Baptist Convention

“Love it, I did.” Yoda

“This wasn’t the book I was looking for.” Stormtrooper #2

“Maintaining a consistent meta-narrative while juxtaposing a satirical tone with paradigmatic kerygma, Orth navigates the evangelical milieu expertly, weaving his motley cacophony of characters into an allegorical brew worth relishing.” Chewbacca

“You’re pretty much the worst steward of resources ever if you don’t invest 12 bucks into this book.” Dave Ramsee

“I have two weaknesses: putting this book down and Kryptonite.” Man of Steel

“Superman is a pansy.” Batman

“I make a motion everyone reads this book. Second? All in favor?” Robert’s Rules of Order

“Ladies, if you want a shot with me, you gotta read this book.” Tim Teebo, said from a kneeling position somewhere in New England

“This book goes great with Dunkin’ Donuts.” Everyone

"We need more love and grace in the world, and this book is a step in that direction." Papa Smurf

"It's the smurfiest!" Pope Francis

Thanks to everyone for their glowing endorsements. Apologies to Jon Piper, the Apostle Paul, and Celine Dion for not including your comments, but space was limited!

Be looking for the book in late June! Here's a sneak peek at the cover: