Sermons I've been preaching lately (out loud or just in my head):

“The Idol of the Perfect Future”

Pursuing the Grace of the Messy Present rather than the Idol of the Perfect Future (Jonah 2:8)

When ruled by the Idol of the Perfect Future, we start to twist and cram our present to fit an ideal image…or ignore the reality of our present, because it doesn’t measure up to the blinding glare of our imagined future…

"The Vibrancy of the Early Church"

When the Spirit filled the early Jesus followers, what marks distinguished their community? Do we authentically display those qualities today? If so, what should they look like? Or have we settled for pale shadows of those marks? (Acts 2:42-47)

"Go and Do Likewise: The Good Samaritan"

It's a familiar passage...but sometimes we take from this parable a few familiar nuggets and fail to mine the radical implications of Jesus' response to the teacher of the law in regards to who our neighbor is and how we show them mercy. This sermon delves deep into the nature of compassion, the differences in our neighbors, and the cost of avoiding our familiar self-justifications.

"The Blessing of Ordinary"

When did common and mediocre become synonyms? Where did we begin to value the one-time-spectacle over the every-day-faithful? Centered on the famous David and Goliath passage, this sermon will unpack the well-known Underdog Story and reveal principles that will free you from false demands from God and lead to contentment in your daily, regular, wonderful life.

"Grace is Our Teacher"

Based on Titus 2:11-14, this sermon shines a light on the internal voice of judgment and disappointment that we often associate with God, and exposes the truth that the leadership of the Spirit is one of grace in our lives, not one of wrath.

"Discerning the Will of God in Everyday Decisions"

Wouldn't it be great if the Spirit of God just highlighted the "right" choice of God's Will for all our big decisions on some kind of unmistakable billboard? But that doesn't happen does it? Bombarded with choices ranging from where to go to college to who to marry or from what job to pursue to what to do with your free time, we all vocalize that we just want "to do/know God's will." But most believers wrestle through the decision-making process and are plagued with doubt in regards to what EXACTLY God wants from them. This sermon is practical, Scriptural, and brings sweet freedom for those folks who've always struggled with the intersection of God's Will and Big Decisions.

"The Gospel of the Kingdom and the Image of God"

Buckle up for this's a Scripture-jumping journey through the concepts of Creation, the Image of God, Glory, the Gospel, the Kingdom, and what it means to be human...culminating in a life-giving, life-defining picture of the Good News, and a new understanding of the beauty of our King.