Jun 26

Impact 2818: That Thing Summer Camp

  • Epworth Forest

For the first summer ever, I'll be in Indiana sharing a week of camp with the folks at Epworth Forest Conference Center. Can't wait to meet the community there and check out the camp vibe of summer in Indiana.

Sep 13

GWU CMU Leadership Retreat

  • Ridgecrest Conference Center

Honored again to spend a few moments with the wonderful student community of GWU up in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Jul 25

Crossroads Worldwide Summer Camps

  • Gardner-Webb University Boiling Springs, NC

5 weeks of camp for my 15th summer with the solid and amazing folks of Crossroads Worldwide. Sign up your student ministry today or if you're a leader with no group, come visit me and we'll share some fresh-roasted local coffee together.

9:30 am09:30

Gardner-Webb University Dimensions

When's Earth Day?

Trick Question...Every day!

The Right Reverend Tracy Jessup invited me to speak for their Earth Day chapel because I use my own bags at the grocery store... :)

Apr 5

Springboro Baptist

  • Springboro Baptist Springboro, Ohio

Headed to Ohio to spend time with the mad hatter of ministry, Derick Shepherd, and his community of leaders. Laughter is on the agenda.

Mar 23

DNOW Parker County, TX

  • Parker County Weatherford, TX

Area wide DNOW for student ministries in Parker County. Looking forward to catching up again with student ministry sensei Jim Garner.

Feb 1

RiverCross & Wayne Patterson

  • Haile Plantation Gainesville, FL

Can't wait to be back in Gainesville, FL with my dear friend Wayne Patterson and the college students of RiverCross church.

10:30 am10:30

Montgomery 1st Baptist DNOW

  • First Baptist Church Montgomery, AL

Looking forward to spending a weekend with the students of FBC Montgomery and saturating myself in the southern hospitality of urban Alabama.

Jan 20

Crossroads Winter Conference

  • Convention Center Gatlinburg, TN

My 15th winter with Crossroads in Gatlinburg TN! Wow. Come for the fudge, stay for the preaching :)

More info on registration can be found here.

Jan 12

Camp Orchard Hill

  • Camp Orchard Hill Dallas, PA

Below is the promo I received for this event. Sounds like too much fun packed into an itty bitty living space, but what do I know?

"CampFire is the theme of Winterblast 2014 and it’s going to be HOT! We’re featuring a brand new indoor climbing wall, a renovated Manjo Run for 2-lanes of racing snow tubes, guided and independent team-building activities, and even some summer favorites like Trangleball and 9-square in the air! As for vintage Winterblast fun, we have Zumba, Ductivities, “The Beast” tube run, the Ga-ga tourney, Inflataganzapaloozafest, paintball, snow football, and The Great Cardboard Sled Race! We’ll feed your belly with pretzel sandwiches and Moxie and feed your heart with Spirit led speakers and bands!"

Dec 14

Loranger Baptist

  • Loranger Baptist

Going down into Bayou country with my dear friends from Lah-ron-jah Baptist to share about discipleship and community. I will also seek out some crawfish etouffee. 

Nov 24

Northside Baptist TX DNOW

  • Northside Baptist

My dear friend Jim Garner (formerly the artist known as the YP of PTC) invited me to spend a weekend with his student ministry in central TX. Hopefully it will involve BBQ too. 

Oct 2

Gap Creek Fall Revival

  • Revival!

Revival Services in beautiful Marietta, SC at Gap Creek Baptist. There's a replica tomb in their parking lot to remind you of the Resurrection and a Gap Creek Falls right off the church property! And who knows? I may even wear a tie!

7:00 pm19:00

The Verge

  • Tucker Center

The second of a two part series on Community with my dear friends of Campus Ministries at Gardner-Webb University. 

Sep 23

Family Vacation

  • Virginia Beach

Orth family at the Beach. I'll bring you back a seashell. 

7:00 pm19:00

The Verge

  • Tucker Center

The first of a two part series on Community with my dear friends of Campus Ministries at Gardner-Webb University. 

9:00 pm21:00

Comedy Xplosion!

  • Mi Pueblito

I'm doing a short stand-up comedy routine opening up for local legend Shane McGrath at Mi Pueblito restaurant and historic uptown Shelby. The chips and salsa will be plentiful and the laughs are all-you-care-to-laugh so some on out and order some dang casa-dillas and join the fun. 

11:00 am11:00

Hammond LA, Chik-fil-A Grand Opening

  • Chik-fil-A

Dear friend Luke Cook opens his second Chik-fil-A as operator in his hometown of Hammond. I'm blessed to address the team as they launch into a new era of pleasurable service via sanctified chicken.

Aug 12

3A Reunion

  • mars hill, nc

Clans Defranza, Orth, Stevens and Vena reunite in the mountains of western NC for spiritual tomfoolery and rejuvenation.

10:00 am10:00

Josh and Presley McNiel Wedding

  • 1520 W Cabaniss Rd Shelby, NC, 28150 United States

The two best laughs in the known universe will be wedded on this day and I have the privilege of preaching the seven minute wedding sermon. Located on the beautiful grounds of Casa Rushing.

Jul 5

Crossroads Worldwide Summer Camp Week 2

Matt will be sharing devotions in the mornings services on the theme of One. He may also break out his wig collection and create a character or two.

Jun 28

Crossroads Worldwide Summer Camp Week 1

  • Gardner-Webb University

Matt will be sharing devotions in the mornings services on the theme of One. He may also break out his wig collection and create a character or two.