Enchanted Forest

Creating an Enchanted Forest takes work...and we rarely see the "ladders" it required to make it happen, but we sure do love walking among the butterflies. Every piece of art you consume, from the cracking dialogue in your favorite drama or the perfectly timed and well-worded joke, to your current song obsession on repeat blaring in your earbuds to the climactic scene on the big screen...all the fashion, the literature, the dance, and the pictures, moving and still...all those assorted bits of creation didn't spring from nothing. Art doesn't spontaneously generate when an artist sneezes or when they wake up with an idea tumbling in their heads...
The act of creation is work. Hard work. In the same way the home you dwell in was made by months of labor or the phone in your hand is the culmination of countless hours of mental and physical toiling,
Art is built...stroke by stroke, word by word, in a series of inspired deconstructions and reconstructions, often under the lashing guidance of doubt, despair, and insecurity. By all means, enjoy the butterflies, but occasionally take a moment to appreciate and support the craftsmanship of those who poured their lives into making the magic.
(My friend @baybarach snapped this picture of me as we transformed her garden into an Enchanted Forest. It seemed too symbolic of my life writing to not type out a thought or two)