the nowhere stairs

the nowhere stairs

#TheNowhereStairs Picture Contest.


It’s been exactly one year since I started writing the “The Nowhere Stairs” during the 2014 #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). The book has gone through several major edits, been read by some agents, and is inching closer to publication…hopefully.

To celebrate the one year anniversary, and to begin to build some excitement for the eventual (hopeful) release, I wanted to run a little photo contest.

This picture is the original set of Nowhere Stairs. These steps were in a grassy field near the turn onto my road…they’ve since been destroyed because of a construction project, so I’m glad I took the pic when I did. Nowhere Stairs are everywhere actually, if you’re looking for them. I’ve found at least four sets in my small town of Shelby. Nowhere Stairs can be stone, wood, metal, or plastic even…they just need to be at least three steps that go…nowhere. You’ll see them in abandoned lots, carved into the sides of hills, or in the woods covered in vines.

The novel began with the thought that these forgotten staircases were really the neglected ruins of past stories…and they simply needed someone with imagination to wake them up again.


Go out and hunt and find a set of Nowhere Stairs and then post a picture of them with the hashtag #TheNowhereStairs on Instagram (and add my IG name @revmackore), or on my Facebook wall OR email me at

All pics entered will be sent the first two chapters of the book for free!

The target age group for the novel is Middle Grades…so in addition to the general contest: All pics that have a middle grades aged child (4th-6th grade) in the photo will have a chance to receive the full novel! Be creative!

**And lastly: The best overall picture of “nowhere stairs” will win a special prize**

Happy hunting,

Matt O.