Youth Service Implodes When Student Pastor Forgets to Pray Real Quick

Youth Service Implodes When Student Pastor Forgets to Pray Real Quick

AUGUSTA, GA- When students attend The Awakening, the Wednesday night youth service at Journey Baptist Church, they usually receive a program full of blessings. But this past Wednesday night was a terrible exception.

“At first I thought it was demons,” said Jeremy Morris, a high school junior and one of three acoustic guitar players in the praise band. “There was so much feedback coming through the sound system, it killed my ears.”

The screeching feedback wasn’t the only mistake in the beginning of the service. Ashley Cantrell, the lead vocalist, started singing a new song but the words didn’t show up on the screen until halfway through the bridge.

“Everyone just stared at me,” said Cantrell. “It was like singing a solo, which is totally not why I’m up there.”

Student Pastor Dan “Big Stuff” Barnes, realized the problem when the audio on their video announcement for the upcoming DNOW weekend sounded like it was recorded in a gym locker room.

“It was all my fault,” said Barnes. “You’ll have a few hiccups in every service, but this was bad. And then I remembered: I didn’t gather all the leaders backstage to pray before the service.”

“Usually Big Stuff gets us all together like two minutes before we start and says ‘let’s pray real quick,’” said Cantrell. “But tonight, he just kept working on his sermon notes and let us tweak our inner ear monitors a little longer.”

The service officially crashed when Big Stuff’s big object lesson didn’t connect with the students.

“I worked all week on those red tearaway pants. I thought for sure the kids would get the atonement connection, but when I asked ‘Does this make sense?’ it was nothing but crickets. Usually they at least mumble.”

Big Stuff stopped the student service abruptly right then by saying, “Alright y’all, let’s just pray.”

Appropriately, the pizza afterwards was piping hot, rather than the usual room temp.

“Oh man,” laughed Barnes, “Lesson learned.”

--Matt O.

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