Matt is very, very gifted. Oddly gifted. He is a creative freak, but in the most wonderful, positive sense.
— Dr. Andy Byers, author of Faith Without Illusions and TheoMedia

Greetings Youth Pastor, Student Minister, Youth Director, Miscellaneous Pastor with Young Person Relevance, or Enlisted and Weary Adult,

My name is Matt Orth and I've launched this Student Ministry page just for you. I hope you'll find in these links resources that equip you, words that encourage you, and ideas that excite you.

Since I started following Jesus in 1991, the one ministry constant in my life has been my relationship to teenagers and their walk with Christ. I've been a youth intern, assistant youth pastor, head youth pastor (before they called them "student ministries"), traveling youth speaker, summer camp director, and even now, after twelve years as a head pastor, I teach the students in our congregation regularly and have them over for creative parties.

I'm not the Ultimate Student Ministry Authority, but I do have files and files of collected thoughts, ideas, teachings, events, and lessons-learned-the-hard-way. This page is a launch-pad for you to share in these collections and hopefully enrich your own ministry.

There are three main links below:

  1. Free Resources
  2. Teaching Curriculum
  3. Creative Idea Packs

Currently, the Free Resources page has helpful concepts about recruiting and training volunteers to help in your student ministry programming.

On the Teaching Curriculum page, there's a free lesson from the five week series on taming our tongues called Watch Your Mouth as well as details about acquiring the whole series and the opportunity to order tailor-made teaching series.

And as for the Creative Idea Packs page, well, I'm quite excited about the action happening there...

I realized that so much of a Student Pastor's time is spent trying to come up with new ideas to do old things OR searching for that one idea that sparks interest in your students. I know that many folks serving in student ministry teeter on the edge of burnout and many times that's fueled by the creative pressures of preparing lessons, planning unique services, and throwing elaborate events. My Idea Packs are bundles of creative ideas for you to utilize in your own ministry. Even better, the packs of proven ideas can be sent straight to you once a month all year long. Details are here about the monthly subscription of Idea Packs AND one of my all-time favorite ideas is available there for FREE.

(And if you've read this far into the post, there's another service I'm offering...personal mentoring in student ministry (via Skype or FaceTime). We'd schedule times together and talk about the full spectrum of what's going on in your life, trouble-shooting, prayer requests, tricky teaching passages, church staff relationships, etc. Email/message me if interested. Spots are limited and I'll work with your budget.)

I am really looking forward to using the tools in this new resource from Matt to help me run fun, successful events. I’ve seen Matt perform a hysterical improv skit onstage then walk off and direct a staff behind the scenes in the details of a camp with over 900 students. Matt can cast a big, creative vision AND implement excellent organizational skills. He is able to see the goal of an event accomplished while bringing out the gifts of the people on his team. Matt also has an incredible wig collection.
— Kelly Trent, Youth Pastor, Beaches Chapel Church, Neptune Beach, FL